"Heel Fly Madness"

 "Heel Fly Madness" is a realistic limited edition bronze sculpture depicting a Texas Longhorn steer fleeing from the dreaded heel fly. The heel fly is a biting insect that lays its eggs on the heels of cattle, driving the crazed cattle into thick brush or water to try and escape the torturing flies. Cowboys can easily spot, from a distance, an attack of heel flies by the stomping, running, wild-eyed bawling action of the cattle, accompanied by the distinctive bend of the tail, as the animal tries to evade the swarms of flies. 


"Heel Fly Madness"

edition of 30

Length 15 inches        Width 13 inches        Height 151/2 inches

price $2,600.00 US

This action-packed sculpture of the famed Texas Longhorn steer will be a thrilling addition to your fine art collection!

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Please call or email us for availability of the edition. Orders take approximately 2 months to complete and require a 50% non-refundable deposit. Shipping and handling expenses not included.

email us at: walkinsgallery@earthlink.net

or call us at 830-460-8120

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