"They Come"

   "They Come" depicts the banner carrier, the second most important member of a native American Indian tribal clan.  There were many clans within each tribe, and each clan had its own traditions and symbols.  Banners were wooden poles decorated with colored fabrics, symbols, and feathers, and  were carried by the leader's right hand man during  raids, battles, and celebrations. The banner carrier was a position of high honor within a clan, and in this sculpture he is wearing his buffalo robe and buffalo headdress which are symbols of high stature. 


"They Come"

edition of 30

length 21"    width 11"    height 24 1/2"

price.....$4,200.00 US

"They Come" is a breath-taking addition to any fine art connoisseur's collection.

Please call or email us to determine availability of specific numbers in the edition. Shipping and handling not included.


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